Julie PRO | IMMO OFF & ESL/ELV Emulator

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### Version 122 ###


Instruction Manual and full ECU list:


Experience the world's most popular product in car immobilizer and ESL/ELV solutions - Julie™ PRO!

Immobilizer Signal Replacement
Faulty immobilizer, damaged ECU, lost keys, engine swap - you can solve all of these cases and many more simply by using Julie™ PRO, which supports thousands of ECU numbers that work over CAN or K-Line communication protocols, replacing original immobiliser signal. As long as Julie™ PRO Emulator remains installed inside the ECU, the system is working correctly.

ESL/ELV Signal Replacement
Damaged Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESL/ELV) is a common fault in many car models, the repair of which may get really expensive. Luckily, there’s Julie™ PRO Emulator! By installing the Emulator in the place of the damaged ESL/ELV module according to instruction manuals, you can save a great deal of time and money!