1 pcs EEPROM Adapter + 30 pcs Julie PRO

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### Version 122 ###

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Working with Julie™ PRO on a daily basis?

Speed up your work!

Purchase a bundle of 30 Julie™ PRO Emulators and get an exclusive product - 24C02 EEPROM Adapter for Julie PRO!*

The adapter will make your work with Julie as fast as a lightning! Such steps as:

  • Program selection
  • Writing values into the Emulator's 24C02 EEPROM

can now be done without soldering jumpers or unsoldering EEPROM!

Bundle includes:

  • 30x Julie™ PRO at €59.90 /pcs
  • 1x 24C02 EEPROM Adapter for Julie PRO [Premium Product] for FREE!

(Not available for purchasing separately)


Compatible with Julie™ PRO Version 122 or higher