Clixe - BMW no. 1 Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulator

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Check the correct functioning of the Airbag system in:

BMW (2007 – 2010 year)

  • Series 1: E81
  • Series 3: E90, E92, E93
  • Series 5: E60, E63, E64
  • Series 7: E65
  • Series X: E70, E71

The Emulator is sold with resistors for emulating seat belt signal

Attention: If still after installation of the emulator your car signalizes unfastened passanger seatbelt fault, put a resitor in place of the seatbelt sensor.
For E90, use 680-Ohm resistor For E60, use 510-Ohm resistor

This emulator can only be used for testing purposes or to verify accurate functioning of the AirBag system. This emulator cannot remain in your car as a replacement for new seat occupancy mat.

Learn more from the manual: